Veress Needles

Veress needle has been designed to avoid perforation of the organs. It consists of an outer cannula with sharp tip to flute mouthpiece and a retractable inner cannula with blunt ends. When the needle through the abdominal wall, the blunt tip is retracted so that the cutting part penetrates into the tissues to cross. Only after reaching the peritoneum, the spring mechanism pushes the blunt ends beyond the tip of the outer cannula protecting the internal organs from damage.

The Veress needles are used in laparoscopic surgical procedures, to inflate gas into the abdominal cavity of the gas (carbon dioxide) in order to dilate.

They have luer lock connector. They are available in sizes 14G, 15G and 16G and 100mm lengths, 120mm and 150mm. Sterile and non-pyrogenic. Disposable and individually packed in blister.

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