Burette set

Burette set is a cylindrical container with capacity of 100 or 150 ml with a printed graduated scale and it's used to prepare cocktail of drugs and physiological liquid (burette set infusion) or mix drugs and blood/plasma (burette set for transfusion). 

It can be used also for enteral or parenteral feeding, especially in pediatric ward. 

In the inner of the burette there is placed a floating valve, that has the function to indicate the solution level's and stop the flow of the drugs to the patient when it is at zero. 

The burette can be supplied with: a micro or macro drip chamber with solution filter (burette set for infusion), a drip chamber with blood filter (burette set for transfusion), a microdrip chamber without solution filter (burette set for parenteral infusion).

On request there are available burettes with needle less valve.

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